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Roller Door

If space inside your garage is limited, or you have to park close-up to your garage door either inside or outside the garage, then a roller door will suit you.

Roller door is perfect for most garage and storage facilities. It offers excellent performance and reliability at an economical price.

Every roller door is created to order to take advantage of your garage opening each and every time. Built to fit behind the structural opening, this type of door provides maximum width and height for driving into and puts all moving parts out of the way behind the door.

It opens and shuts reliably and quietly and it is giving decisive performance during every cycle. No need to worry about oiling and greasing - only a simple clean of the guides and door surface and then it is ready to roll again!

You can choose any roller door openers from us. But we recommend the Phoenix roller door opener which has 5 year warranty, and the door itself also comes with 5 year warranty.

Features of Phoenix Roller Door Opener

  • Soft Start and Soft Stop for smoother operation
  • Mechanical or Electrical Limits Setting
  • Independently adjustable opening and closing force
  • LED brilliant lighting system
  • Two remotes included
  • Suitable for industrial doors up to 18m2

Benefits of Using Roller Door

  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple push button
  • No side room is required

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